What is life?

(Note: I do not promote any type of mental illnesses.)

Searching for my Christian Grey.

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[trigger warning: suicide]

If someone were to die at the age of 63 after a lifelong battle with MS or Sickle Cell, we’d all say they were a “fighter” or an “inspiration.” But when someone dies after a lifelong battle with severe mental illness and drug addiction, we say it was a tragedy and tell everyone “don’t be like him, please seek help.” That’s bullshit. Robin Williams sought help his entire life. He saw a psychiatrist. He quit drinking. He went to rehab. He did this for decades. That’s HOW he made it to 63. For some people, 63 is a fucking miracle. I know several people who didn’t make it past 23 and I’d do anything to have 40 more years with them.



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One of the more helpful and insightful things I’ve seen about depression/suicide in the last couple of days.

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Things that are scary:

  • getting up in class
  • coughing in class
  • reading out loud in class
  • answering a question in class
  • turning a test in first in class
  • class 

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Sad/Bands/B&W blog

And this is what my ex boyfriends best friend had to say to me. Apparently I make him depressed.

My ex boyfriends best friend is obsessed over me and I’m really scared for him because this time it’s really bad. But this is what my ex had to say.

I hate myself.


it’s not that I can’t take selfies, selfies can’t take me

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